From Clutter to FLOW


Clutter is anything taking away focus or function. These things prevent you from operating your business or navigating your home with ease.

Clutter is typically contributed by three things:


Stress can be situational, professional, and familial. Those stresses which take your attention from where you want or need to be. Stresses such as these contribute to the feeling of not having enough time or energy to commit to organizing.


When you don't have enough space in your home or business it is easy to become discouraged to organize. Getting creative with furniture and storage ideas is not always easy. And navigating smaller spaces can become frustrating.


Sometimes we simply have tpo much stuff. Some things are kept for sentimental reasons, others for what we assume is valuable and others because we simply haven't gotten rid of it. These things can become treasures, but they contribute to chaotic and cluttered spaces and people. The key is to manage and simplify the way in which we prepare and maintain our own FLOW.

Developing your FLOW

Organizing in and of itself is making a space suitable and arranged to your needs. It is making FLUID spaces which create LIFE & OPPORTUNITY for WELLNESS or WORK. This FLOW should be designed to meet the needs of your home or business.

Before developing your FLOW stop and look at the function of your home and business:

  • What works and what doesn't. Take inventory of the things you need and actually utilize within a week in your business or household (note there is an exception for items that have specific seasonal use). Are they necessary? Do they add value or purpose? or Does it take away from your usable space?

  • Could your space function with greater ease if you were organized? Could your family maintain and develop routines that eliminate stress in an organized home? Can employees do their jobs more easily with stream-lined and clearly defined functioning spaces?

  • What do you want the space to produce? How do you envision the space? Have you talked to the people who share the space with you what they want? How could you compromise?

From here you will start to learn your FLOW. You will learn how you want the life of your business or home to develop and function. You don't have to find your FLOW alone, organizers such as myself want to help people live their best lives.

(Side note: Stress, Space, and Stuff become attachments as we pile on duties, experience life, and take on different roles. You can begin to de-clutter and organize your spaces but you must also address the issues that contribute to them. Whether through personal wellness, professional assistance, or any number of constructive and healthy outlets you can address your attachments. Check out the Organizing 101 info-graphic if you are ready to start eliminating clutter and finding your FLOW.)

- Ashley


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