Why organize?

As a surveyor of people, places and spaces I always wonder about and examine the choices designers, businesses and individuals make when developing a living or work space. I look at placement of furniture, desks, point of sale, exits... you name it. I then look at the flow in which clients or customers maneuver in that space.

If the space is organized in a way employees can easily interact and deliver products or services the business thrives and creates loyal and contented customers. If the person's home is organized and easily maneuvered there is a lighter and more homelike feel. In either situation if the business or home is disorganized it takes people longer to complete tasks and process information in cluttered and disorganized environments.

Organization brings life to a space. In whichever way you perceive it. From a business perspective, creating a lively, clean and visibly organized space creates a better environment for yourself, employees, and customers. Businesses who develop an organized structure for their business are also better able to control cost. In your home it creates the ability to complete activities of daily living such as cooking or cleaning with ease, creates space and time for family activity, and also eliminates chaos in the spaces meant for rest and rejuvenation.

A few questions to ponder when you determine whether your business or home is organized:

  • Am I able to quickly (15 minutes or less) find the items I need to prepare myself or my business for the day? (electronics, clothing, materials, plans, schedules, etc)

  • Can my household or business run without me if I take the day off?

  • Have I been able to train and or teach someone how to keep everything flowing/operating in my absence?

  • Am I able to navigate my day or does my day navigate me?

  • Start with these questions.

Let's organize so we can get you into your own FLOW. Whether in business or at home. Entrepreneurial or personal. Let's organize for your life.

(sappy, huh?!. But I mean it. Let's Organize for YOUR life.)



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